Crocheted Nests

Crochet nests, along with pouches, are the ‘bread and butter’ of the ARC craft guild. We aim to provide every rescuer and veterinary clinic in Australia with at least a few of these. Nests are extremely versatile and are used in the rescue of baby marsupials, birds, reptiles, and even kittens love snuggling up in them!

It’s important that you keep your stitches tight and consistent so that the nest is sturdy. Baby birds will perch on the sides and the nest needs to hold their weight. The nest should be able to hold itself upright without slouching.

The height of your nest’s sides should be the same as its base diameter, plus 1 cm (0.5”) for XS-M nests, and plus 2-3 cm (1”) for large sizes. This is so nest sides can be folded over for extra strength, or to create a deeper nest for birds that nest in tree hollows.

Nest your nests!

We love receiving ‘nested’ nests, Russian Doll-style. It ensures we receive a good variety of sizes, and makes it really easy to send to carers as a full set.

What yarn to use

Nests are a great scrap-buster. Always ensure all ends are firmly woven in so beaks and claws can’t loosen or unravel them.

The best yarn for nests is a simple acrylic yarn. We recommend using at least 2 strands of 8ply with a 5, 5.5, or 6mm hook. Wool is the next preferred yarn. Cotton or linen may be used, but only as a last resort.

Do not use fuzzy, sparkly, or specialty yarns.

Possum Pods & Palaces

Possums love their hidey-holes and adore these cosy homes. These are crochet patterns and we welcome knitted interpretations too.

The main thing to remember with these is to keep your stitches close together so the sides have a good, firm structure. Some variation in size are OK, but please stay as close to the pattern as possible.

Our huge thanks to Maria for creating these fantastic tutorials!

Posssum Pods & Palaces in use