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Patterns & Files

Here’s what’s needed most. Always read instructions carefully. Incorrectly made items take a lot of time and effort to fix, and the requirements are quite specific. Please, please, please, read and follow the instructions!

Important Reminders

✅ All pouch outers need to be accompanied by 2-3 liners made out of 100% cotton flannelette (especially important in winter). Liners MUST MUST MUST have French (enclosed) seams and a U shaped bottom.
✅ No hand sewn items, no items that are not high quality. Crafted items go to tiny babies with big claws and need to be VERY safe and very washable.
✅ Get kids or newbies involved by making cards (rescuers love receiving notes & letters!), drawings, or decorating with permanent marker. Please remember crafted items need to be of very high quality – unfortunately, items made by beginners may not be usable.
✅ Microbat pouches should be made to the ratio of 1 rescue pouch to 2 hanging pouches. Only use dark or muted colours as mumma bats need a relaxing environment.
What’s needed most – list is accurate until a new version is published.
Questions? Head over to the Facebook group to get answers and discuss your latest projects!

Patterns & Instructions


Porthole Bags

Porthole Hanging Bags These porthole bags are great for critters small to large! There are a variety of sizes and all are needed. Download the

Pattern »

Joey Pouches

Joey pouches keep our babies safe, warm, and secure. In Australia, any marsupial youngster is referred to as a ‘joey’. This includes baby kangaroos, wallabies,

Pattern »

3D Hanging Bags

These hanging bags are loved by rescuers because they give growing joeys the freedom to come and go as they please. Joeys of all sizes

Pattern »

Possum Pods & Palaces

Possums love their hidey-holes and adore these cosy homes. These are crochet patterns and we welcome knitted interpretations too. The main thing to remember with

Pattern »

Hanging Joey Bag

Hanging joey bags are always in need. Older joeys will jump in and out of them many times per day as they get curious and

Pattern »

Animal Beds

There have been many displaced animals due to the fires and COVID-19 and Australia’s pounds and rescue organisations are full. Rescuers are taking on as

Pattern »

Crocheted Nests

Crochet nests, along with pouches, are the ‘bread and butter’ of the ARC craft guild. We aim to provide every rescuer and veterinary clinic in

Pattern »

More Patterns

We’re still working on getting all patterns uploaded with nice photos and tutorials! Here are a few we’re still working on:

 Handmade Items We Can Always Use

  • Crochet or knit blankets that are 1m square or larger (projects made from scraps are very welcome)
  • Dog/cat collars and leads
  • Drawings, letters, notes, and cards to send to rescuers to keep morale up (great for kids to make!)

DO NOT MAKE (Low Need – Reference Only)

  • Bat Wraps – Always stuff these VERY VERY firmly
  • Koala mittens – Not needed, Australia now has a near-infinite supply after the Black Summer fires

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