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Answers to FAQs

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Fabrics & Materials

That depends on what item you’re making.

Inner pouches: 100% cotton or other natural fibre ONLY and these MUST have French seams. 2-3 liners are needed per outer. Warmer fabrics like Flannelette are preferred for the cooler months.

Outer pouches: Cotton, flannelette, polar fleece, wool, jersey, sweatshirt material, etc. Poly blends and synthetics are OK..

All fabric needs to be in good condition, not too stretched or with holes and no plastic coating, glitter, plastic prints, etc. No hand sewn items or roughly sewn items (we need these to be of high quality to survive many washings).

Remember these are going to very tiny babies so fabric should be as soft as possible.

Wool or acrylic yarns (or blends) are preferred for nests and pouches. Yarn must be machine washable.

Tiny claws get caught on a lot, and raw seams have too many threads that can fray and tangle up a joey. Keeping seams sealed is safer, and makes the pouch more durable through many washings.

Additionally, joey spines are used to developing in a curved environment (their mum’s pouch). Rounded edges on pouches mimics this so they can grow up strong and healthy.