These hanging bags are loved by rescuers because they give growing joeys the freedom to come and go as they please. Joeys of all sizes love jumping in and out of these bags and they can be used day or night.

The lining of these pouches needs to be a nice soft cotton (or other natural fiber), and the outer needs to be a stronger cotton drill. Vigorous little guys will be jumping in and out so make sure all seams are carefully constructed.

There are two main sizes, but you don’t have to be too exact. Larger and smaller bags are welcome too.

  • Wallaby 3D bag: 50cm wide, 60cm high
  • Kangaroo 3D bag: 65cm wider, 70cm high

Thanks again to Sarah of Piccolo Studio!

Once again, we share our gratitude to Sarah for producing this as an easy, follow-along pattern! Download an easy-to-follow PDF of instructions here.

Visual learner? Watch the video

Naomi of The Sewloist made this awesome video of how to sew the 3D hanging bag. Follow her on Instagram or head to her Etsy shop.

3D Bags in use

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