Hanging joey bags are always in need. Older joeys will jump in and out of them many times per day as they get curious and want to explore their environment or play with their friends.

There are two types: ‘day’ bags with a scoop in the front, and ‘night’ bags with no scoop. The day bags let joeys peek out to watch the world go by, whereas the night bags create a nice cozy place to snooze.

These bags have a handle that can be slung over a chair, hook, or shoulder. Sometimes we call them ‘carry bags’, because carers will sometimes tote a needy joey around with them in this sort of bag.

There are three sizes:

  • Wallaby – for smaller macropods and younger joeys (40cm wide)
  • Kangaroo – for the older & bigger joeys (55cm wide)
  • T-Rex – for the big, sooky babies who still want comfort (or who may be immobilised due to injury) (90cm wide)
We need a variety of sizes, so if you are a confident sewist and can make smaller and bigger pouches, we welcome them (note: minimum 25cm wide, maximum 120cm wide).

Our thanks to Piccolo Studio for patterns!

Sarah of Piccolo Studio made these awesome, printable patterns for us. Visit her website for full instructions!

Are you a visual learner? Jess did a great how-to video on these hanging pouches. Watch it on Facebook! (You’ll have to be a member of our group.)

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