Joey pouches keep our babies safe, warm, and secure. In Australia, any marsupial youngster is referred to as a ‘joey’. This includes baby kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, possums, bilbys, and so on. They need these pouches until they are young ‘teenagers’ – sometimes mum has to be pretty firm to kick a joey out of her pouch!

It’s important that pouches are made to the standards we specify so that they are durable and usable by wildlife carers. For example, it’s essential that liners have French seams so that claws don’t catch on threads. It’s also essential that pouches have rounded corners because this is how a joey’s spine develops properly.

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Highest Need

We need liners (all sizes) and pouch sets that are L - XXL. Remember, every outer pouch needs 2-3 liners.

Some cute for you! How pouches get used...

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